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The objective of Black Arts Design is to provide Best in Class products to the PCP Air Gun community. Products that not only solve a problem faced by a shooter, but products that solve the problem intelligently, efficiently, economically, and are aesthetically fitting in form and finish. Additive Manufacturing is our chosen method for producing our products. 3D printing falls into the Additive Manufacturing category. 3D printing is an incredibly versatile tool for not only rapid prototyping and product development but also for producing quality products at affordable prices. In many instances duplicating designs created for 3D printing would be cost-prohibitive using subtractive manufacturing (i.e. CNC machining). For more information on Additive Manufacturing check out our blog where we discuss the process and materials in more detail.

“There is no ‘good enough’ in our methods.”

Black Arts Design utilizes a mindset of there is no such thing as ‘good enough’.

Our products are and will be in a constant state of development. The expectation is no product is ever complete, opportunities for improvement are constant. The application of 3D printing technology affords us this flexibility. Unlike traditional manufacturing methods, there is no requirement for time-consuming and cost-prohibitive re-tooling of a manufacturing line. A product model can be modified on day one, tested on day 2, and placed into production on day 3. The expectation is that an individual product will change over time based on feedback from the community.

Black Arts Design understands the limitations and abilities of 3D printing.

There are mechanical limitations to polymers as well as limitations of the 3D printing process. Black Arts Design takes these limitations into consideration when designing a product. Careful selection of the appropriate polymer is made based on the stresses the part will see during field use. For example, Black Arts Design ensures all parts with fasteners (screws and or nuts) are designed in a way to minimize mechanical stress. We go the extra mile with the use of heat-set inserts whenever possible. Heat set inserts allow clean designs as well as creating a more robust attachment point. Any point of contact between a fastener and the 3D printed part is guarded with some type of metal interface such as shims.

We are committed to providing useful products with a focus on form, function, and finish.

It is our goal to provide functional parts that do not take away from the aesthetic appeal of your air guns. A functioning part is great and useful, but it should look good in appearance and fit the aesthetics of the air gun as well. There is no ‘Good Enough’ in our methods.