1, Remove screw at base of factory grip.

2. Pull up on grip to remove from factory Grip frame.

3. For HP use M5 allen to remove M6 screw, For SF use M4 allen to remove M5 screw. ***DO NOT REUSE THIS SCREW WITH THE GRIP ADAPTER***

4. Remove factory grip frame.

5. Place Black Arts Design Grip Adapter at rear of trigger guard, ensure it is keyed to the back of the trigger guard.

6. Using the screw supplied from Black Arts Design insert and tighten. ***We recommend using a REMOVABLE LOW STRENGTH thread locker such as Vibra-TITE VC-3.***

7. Only use a 1/4×28 screw. We recommend 1 inch length to ensure maximum purchase area. Pre-inserting it into the grip can be helpful.

8. Position grip on grip adapter and gently seat it.

9. Carefully tighten the 1/4×28 screw ensuring not to cross thread it. If you feel unusual resistance back out and ensure the screw and threads are lined up properly. We recommend using either a star washer, or, a lock washer along with a flat washer.

10. Enjoy your new grip!