Black Arts Design Air Venturi Avenger Barrel Band System Installation

Please follow the steps below in installing the Black Arts Design Barrel Band System for the Air Venturi Avenger.

  1. Shoot and zero your rifle in its current configuration at your preferred distance. Establish as consistent a group as possible with a solid zero. This will provide you a reference for changes to left and right POI.
  2. Install the Barrel Band system.

Forend Bracket

  1. Remove the plastic forend. There are 3 small pieces that will fall out during the process, keep a close eye out for loose parts during the process.
  2. Loosen the grub screws located in the factory barrel band, do so carefully and do not remove them all the way. There are some small plastic bits on the end of the screws (some models) which can and will fall out… never to be found as they are tiny!
  3. Slide off the factory barrel band carefully. You may notice a very large rise in the barrel upon removal as the factory barrel band pulls the barrel down from its freed position quite a bit.
  4. With the factory barrel band removed you are ready to install the Black Arts Design Forend Bracket. It is the component with 2 allen screws inserted in its sides.
  5. Remove the 2 allen screws from the forend bracket using a 2.5mm allen key. Slide this part onto the end of the lower air tube.
  6. Install the left plastic forend half (when orienting from the top of the rifle) and ensure the picatinny rail is fitted properly to that side.
  7. There is a slot on the front bottom of both sides of the forend. The rectangular shaped bottom section of the Stock Bracket (with the brass heat set insert) will fit right into this slot. You may need to slightly move the Forend Bracket forward until it fits into the slot.
  8. Locate the M3 screw, smallest of the screws removed, and insert it into the forward screw hole of the picatinny rail. This will thread into the heat set insert within the supplied Forend Bracket with a 2.0 mm allen key. Do not tighten, just start it into the threads.
  9. Snap on the right-side plastic forend section onto the rifle. Make sure all the little parts (2 of them) are in their correct locations.
  10. Take the supplied M4 screws and install them into the 2 forward hole on each side of the forend. Do not fully tighten just start them into the threads using a 2.5 mm allen key. These 2 screws replace the M5 screws that came with the rifle.
  11. Install all remaining screws loosely.
  12. Tighten the M3 screw located at the forward position of the picatinny rail first, snug it up but not fully tight.
  13. Tighten the 2 forward side screws, the M4’s supplied with the parts, alternately until snug. Tighten the remaining screws, the M3 screw at the bottom of the stock and then the 2 M5’s screws on the sides at the rear of the forend.
  14. Tighten all remaining screws. Do not overtighten the screws attached to the Stock Bracket Part! They need to be snug but no need to crank them down as it could damage the part or the plastic forend.

Barrel Band

  1. Slip the ¾ circle end of the Barrel Band onto the Shroud, use a twisting motion to ease it on. If you have any issues with this contact Black Arts Design. It should take some effort but not excessive force.
  2. Slide it along the barrel until you reach the air tube
  3. Ensure the full circular end is aligned with the air tube, slide this down the air tube and shroud by pushing it along the length. Avoid instigating a twist when sliding it along the air tube and shroud. This fitment should be tight but should not require excessive force. If it does not readily slide onto your rifle contact Black Arts Design.
  4. The Barrel Band can be positioned at the location of your choosing and placement along the length can increase or decrease elevation slightly. It was designed to be positioned close to the forend but DO NOT ALLOW IT TO TOUCH.
  5. Now that it is installed go back to your target and take 10 to 20 shots to allow the barrel, shroud, and Barrel Band to settle.
  6. Check for left or right POI shifts. A slight left or right shift is not uncommon whenever removing or installing components related to the barrel. If you have an extreme shift left or right, you can twist the barrel band very carefully to get close to center.
  7. Once you have taken 10 to 20 shots and established left or right POI shift is minimal or corrected move to the next step.
  8. ****IMPORTANT – READ FIRST****DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! It takes very little force to secure the Barrel Band to the air tube. Verify it is secure by simply pushing gently forward and backward on the base of the Barrel Band. Once there is no movement the Barrel Band is secured. Using a 1.5mm allen key tighten the 2 grub screws on the bottom of the Barrel Band. Place the longest end of the allen key in the grub screw and use the short end of the key to tighten the grub screws. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Tighten them incrementally and alternately until snug. Only snug the grub screws until the Barrel Band is secure using the method in the bolded text at the beginning of this step. Using too much torque on these screws will result in changing the fitment and causing the Barrel Band to ‘oval’ and it can impact the fit of the Barrel Band to the barrel as well. Again, it takes very little torque on the grub screws to secure the Barrel Band.

This completes the installation. The barrel band can lead to a shift from the pre-Barrel Band POI. Based on measurements taken from an unmodifed factory rifle the barrel and air tube are not completely parallel with each other. Therefore, the location you place the Barrel Band can impact the degree of elevation change depending on where along the length of the air tube/barrel it is placed. However, any changes should be minor and easily rectified with a slight elevation adjustment. If you have an extreme left or right POI shift from pre-barrel band loosen the grub screws and ensure the Barrel Band is not skewed or ‘twisted’ and repeat steps d through h.