Black Arts Design FX SideView Installation


  1. Align the hole in the dust cover at the end of the air tube with the fill port as if you are preparing to fill the air tube.
  2. The SideView can be installed to view from either the right or the left. Determine which side you would like to view your air tube pressure gauge from.
  3. Align either hinged side or the thumb catch side just shy of touching the barrel. This ensures the Dust Cover can rotate enough to expose the fill port and enough to cover the fill port to keep it clean.
  4. Slip the SideView part way onto the dust cover, about halfway.
  5. Remove the dust cover along with the SideView. Position the thumbs of both hands opposite the SideView, place your index fingers and middle fingers under the mirrored cap and on the rim of the flexible portion of the SideView. Squeeze your thumbs and fingers together pressing the SideView onto the dust cover until it is fully seated.
  6. Ensure the SideView opens and closes smoothly.
  7. The SideView was installed, checked, and adjusted at Black Arts Design so should not need further adjustments. If the SideView is not closing flush, or, gets hung up excessively upon closing it is possible to make an adjustment. Only make adjustments after the SideView is installed on the Dust Cover. Proper functioning of the part requires the slight stretch which is instigated on the parts only when it is installed. The living hinge can be pulled out slightly or pushed in slightly from the two captive pockets. Very slight adjustments are all that is required. The magnetic clasp can also be adjusted slightly. Within the flexible housing there is an allen screw which can be turned in or out if needed. Do this using a 1.5mm allen key.
  8. Reinstall the dust cover to the air tube.
  9. Turn the dust cover to ensure it can rotate far enough to expose the fill port and far enough to cover the fill port.
  10. Enjoy reading your gauge conveniently and safely without pointing the dangerous end near your face and head!

The gauge reflection is reversed when viewing through the SideView. It will not take long for your mind to adjust to reading the gauge in the reflection. Marking your high and low points for quick reference with thin colored tape is also an option for quicker reading of the gauge.