1. Pre-Assemble the parts as shown below, take note of the orientation and position of the silver arrows.

2. Place the left side component, with brass inserts, on the Saber Tactical Chassis and ensure part is fully seated against the chassis.

3. Take the right side assembly from step one and place it on the chassis frame. Screws should be protruding from the part as seen in the image below. Fully seat the assembly against the chassis.

4. Tighten the lower screw with a 2mm allen key. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. It takes little force to hold the magazine holder in place.

5. Tighten the upper screw. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. You will know it is snugged well when the silver aluminum tube can no longer rotate. Use a finger to test for rotation as you tighten.

6. Insert and remove the magazine several times, there should only be slight resistance and only when twisting the magazine into the locked in position. If there is excessive resistance, repeat steps 5 and 6 and test again.