AEA HP SS Folding Butt Stock Magnetic Closure Installation

***** IMPORTANT This product uses very powerful neodymium magnets. The strong magnetic fields near neodymium magnets can affect pacemkers, ICD’s, and other implanted medical devises. If you use a pacemaker, ICD, or other implanted medical device consult your Medical Doctor before using this product.**** Neodymium magnets produce strong magnetic fields. Avoid placing any electronic devices in the vicinity of the magnetic media.****

  1. Remove the butt stock from the rifle by rotating the butt stock counter-clockwise.
  2. Slip the Black Arts Design magnetic closure clasp onto the folding stock adapter with the magnets facing the hinged side (opposite from the release lever).
  3. Slide the magnetic closure almost to the front of the threaded section of the folding mechanism, the section where the butt stock threads into.
  4. Carefully close the folding stock adapter ensuring ¼ circular section where the magnet are aligns with the steel ring closest to the receiver section of the AEA rifle.
  5. Make sure the magnetic closure is not catching or getting hung up.
  6. Keep the folding stock adapter closed and ensure the magnetic clasp and the metal ring are mated together. While holding the magnetic closure in this position tighten the M3 screw using a 2.5 mm allen key. Snug it tight but do not overtighten!
  7. Replace the butt stock onto the rifle.
  8. Operate the folding stock and check for proper alignment and movement.
  9. Do not allow the stock to ‘slam closed’ The neodymium magnets are brittle and can crack or break.