AEA Zeus (Gen2) .72 & .58. and Challenger Pro Barrel Band Installation

The Zeus Barrel Band is designed to be a tight fitting part. There are rubberized bushings in the barrel section. They are designed to allow a very close tolerance fit as well as provide some dampening effect.

It is best to have an established zero prior to installation of the barrel band. This is the only way to verify any large change in windage or elevation. There should be very little change in elevation or windage. But, if any twist was instigated upon the installation there may be a significant windage change. If this occurs see notes at end.


  1. There are silver arrows on the inner diameter of the air tube section. These arrows must point toward the muzzle end of the rifle.
  2. The Barrel thread protector can be on or off, off seems to aid on getting the Barrel Band slipped over the end of the barrel. Carefully ease the barrel band over the end of the barrel or thread protector. If needed, you can rotate the barrel band back and forth to assist in getting it started onto the barrel.
  3. Once the top portion is on the barrel itself, align the lower portion with the air tube. It takes some finesse to get it over the fitting at the end of the air tube. Push it on by alternating movement from the top and then the bottom of the barrel band. Ease it onto the air tube carefully.
  4. We recommend setting it close to the middle of the white lettering near the end of the air tube. However, the Barrel Band can be affixed at any location the user prefers.
  5. Try to ensure you have not instigated twisting during installation. You can slide it back and forth several inches a few times to get it re-centered.
  6. IMPORTANT:  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!! Using a 2.5mm allen key carefully tighten the cap head screws alternating from left to right until they are snug. Do not overtighten.
  1. You are ready to zero the rifle.

If there are large windage changes to your zero, a minor change is not significant and should be adjusted with the scope, some twisting may have been instigated upon installation. If so, loosen the 2.5 mm screws, and gently re-center the barrel. Check the zero and then tighten the barrel band. Again, check zero.