Black Arts Design Barrel Band Installation

(Streamline and Dreamline)

  2. Remove any installed moderator/suppressing device. There is no need to remove the thread protector if no moderator. The thread protector actually  aids in the installation.
  3. Ease the barrel section of the Barrel Band (the ¾ circular end) onto the end of the barrel. It does help to slightly rotate the barrel Band in a clockwise direction. This will avoid the thread protector from rotating and assist it onto the end of the barrel.
  4. Once the Barrel Band has slid onto the barrel. Align the barrel band with the air tube and ease it down over the air tube. The Barrel Band will be snug but should slide down the air tube and barrel with only moderate effort. If large amounts of force are required to move it along the air tube STOP and contact Black Arts Design immediately.
  5. The Barrel Band is designed to be aligned at a position of your choosing along the length of the air tube. Do not place it on the dust cover (the cap where the fill port is located). This cap needs to move freely to access and cover the fill port. Locate the Barrel Band at your desired position making sure you do not instigate any ‘twist’ to it. The tight fit of the Barrel Band to the air tube minimizes this but does not eliminate the possibility. If it is misaligned, or slightly twisted, it can shift the barrel left or right.
  6. Now that you have determined the Barrel Band’s position take the rifle out and fire 10 to 20 shots. This will allow the Barrel Band and rifle to ‘settle’ and align.
  7. ****IMPORTANT – READ FIRST****DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN! It takes very little force to secure the Barrel Band to the air tube. Verify it is secure by simply pushing gently forward and backward on the base of the Barrel Band. Once there is no movement the Barrel Band is secured. Using a 1.5mm allen key tighten the 2 grub screws on the bottom of the Barrel Band. Place the longest end of the allen key in the grub screw and use the short end of the key to tighten the grub screws. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. Tighten them incrementally and alternately until snug. Only snug the grub screws until the Barrel Band is secure using the method in the bolded text at the beginning of this step. Using too much torque on these screws will result in changing the fitment and causing the Barrel Band to ‘oval’ and it can impact the fit of the Barrel Band to the barrel as well.  Again, it takes very little torque on the grub screws to secure the Barrel Band.
  8. Check and Zero your rifle.
  9. This completes the installation. The barrel band can lead to a shift from the pre-Barrel Band POI. Based on measurements taken from an unmodifed factory rifle the barrel and air tube are not completely parallel with each other. Therefore, the location you place the Barrel Band can impact the degree of elevation change depending on where along the length of the air tube/barrel it is placed. However, any changes should be minor and easily rectified with a slight elevation adjustment. If you have an extreme left or right POI shift from pre-barrel band loosen the grub screws and ensure the Barrel Band is not skewed or ‘twisted’ and repeat steps 5 through 9.

**** The Dreamline and Streamline Barrel Bands look exactly the same. However, they are designed and printed with different tolerances. To tell them apart the Streamline has a small spherical indentation printed into the part on the bottom above the heat-set inserts****