Black Arts Design Barrel Band Installation

FX Maverick/ FX Impact


  1. ****PRIOR TO INSTALLING THE BLACK ARTS DESIGN BARREL BAND ENSURE YOUR AIR RIFLE IS UNLOADED AND IN A SAFE CONFIGURATION!!***** Make sure you have an established a zero prior to installation.
  2. Remove the thread protector, moderator, or sound suppression device.
  3. The silver arrows on the inside of the air tube section must point towards the muzzle. Carefully slip on the shroud section, with the two bushings, onto the shroud. It will be a tight fit. You can use a twisting motion to overcome the leading edge of the shroud.
  4. Align the Barrel Band with the CF bottle and slide it onto the CF bottle. There should be resistance but not from the lower section. If the lower section will not slip on easily loosen the two cap screws further using a 2.5mm allen key.
  5. The barrel band can be affixed at any point from the front of the bottle to the mid-section, just before the bulged area where the labeling appears on the bottle. Placing it on this bulged area is not recommended.
  6. Do not tighten the Barrel Band yet. We highly recommend shooting 10 to 20 shots to let the barrel band and rifle ‘settle’. Also take this opportunity to check your zero, elevation is not a concern at this point but if your windage has shifted drastically from your prior zero twist the barrel band very gently until your shots are centered.
  7. IMPORTANT:  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN!! Using a 2.5mm allen key carefully tighten the cap screws alternating from left to right until they are snug. ***Do not attempt to close the gap between the two  sides, a gap should remain after snugging  the screws***
  8. Zero your rifle and make any minor adjustments needed. If you have a large elevation or windage changes repeat steps 2 through 8.