FX StreamLine Barrel Band


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The Black Arts Design Streamline Barrel Band, AKA Barrel Support Stabilizer, is designed to reduce the likelihood of POI shifts as a result of bumps to the barrel and to reduce ‘barrel droop’ induced upon attachment of a moderator. These shifts in POI reduce our confidence in the ability to make humane shots on prey and in knowing we are on target for each shot.


  • Carbon Fiber filled PETG –  selected for low shrinkage, resistance to heat, and high dimensional accuracy. The addition of carbon fibers increases flexural modulus (stiffness) well above standard PETG and further increases dimensional accuracy.


  • 3/4 barrel holding design. Provides a low profile and ensures ease of installation without impacting barrel support.
  • Novel plunger mounting system – No grub screws! Grub screws ‘bite’ into the surface of your rifle causing permanent surface damage.
  • No clamps. Clamps have a tendency to twist radially when tightened which can lead to alignment issues.
  • No plastic to metal contact – Flat tipped set screws thread into metal heat-set inserts. The plunger has a hardened steel shim at screw contact points ensuring screws do not ‘creep’ into the plunger body.
  • Bolstered design along the circumference of the Barrel Band increases flexural modulus (stiffness) and aesthetic appeal.

Installation Instructions: https://blackartsdesign.com/fx-dreamline-and-streamline-barrel-band-install/

Additional information

Weight .0285 lbs
Dimensions 2.5 × 2.5 × .5 in


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